Thursday, May 18, 2017


Welcome everyone to the Rm 17 and 18 blog. This has been a long time coming but we are finally commencing.

In Art, Room 17  first experimented with cool yellow and cool blue and a little white to see what interesting colours we could create. At the same time we were learning how to hold our brush correctly in a twisting motion. These are our results.

Our next step was to add more white to create a background on which we could paint the silhouette of a tree branch. Practising the tree branch was essential and a challenge for many of the children. It seems simple BUT you need to try it - it is DIFFICULT especially when the brush hairs want to go in another direction! However, the children were very pleased with the results.

Here are some of our final results. What do you think of them?

Now we have begun our second painting inspired by a video lesson.
Firstly, we painted a background using the same twisting method using cool blue, cool red and white. What colour do you think the cool blue and cool red make?

Then the following week we used the same colours and using a sponge dabbed them on. Can you see the different shades even though we used the same colours? Some children wanted to make an aqua colour. For this they mixed cool blue, cool yellow and white. So far we are thrilled with our results. 

Can you see the white chalk line on this picture. I wonder what that is for? The children can't wait for this week's lesson when they are going to practise painting something tall, black and interesting.

Did you guess Room 12? Well here they are?

Yes trees! The children learned how to draw the trunk first then starting at the top holding the brushes on the side to make the branches. They also learned that if they make a mistake then it can be used in a positive way. Where there were smudges there are now hills and ground.


  1. Wow your blog post is exciting - we can't wait to see more of it!
    What art will you be doing next?
    How did you mix the colours?
    Was it hard twisting the brushes?

    Come and have a look at our learning in Room 12's blog.

  2. We like your paintings! Please can you teach us how to do it too?
    What are you making next time?
    Brooke would like to know: How did you mix the colours?

  3. I like your pictures
    Sunny Room 1

    I the patterns on your drawing
    Room 1

    I like the swirls on the paper.
    Room 1